Viewing and Activity Data Policy

At Telly, we take your privacy seriously. Please read this Viewing Data and Activity Data Policy Supplement to learn how we treat your viewing activities and use of our Services.

Telly makes available Internet-connected televisions (the “Services”).  The Services includes features that may enhance video content, customized TV, movie, and other content recommendations.  We collect, use, share, and store information through your Telly in the ways described in the TellyPrivacy Policy This Supplement provides additional details about the privacy practices related to your viewing and activity data on ourServices.

All personal data collected from you is anonymized.  Telly uses industry best practices to accomplish anonymization, including through redaction of personally-identifiable information (“PII”) and fuzzing techniques.

Viewing Data

We may collect information about the audio and video content youwatch, the channels you view, and the duration of your viewing sessions.  This feature is referred to as “ViewingData.” Viewing Data is associated with the IP address for the television unit you are provided and a unique device number we assign. However, Telly will combine and associate your Viewing Data with your Telly account name if you create such an account or link to it to provide you with a more personalized experience on your TV.

The Viewing Data software also periodically collects other information about the TV or display, including IP address and the media access control (“MAC”) addresses of available access points. Viewing Data is maintained and used in an unidentified format, and to the extent that Telly or its authorized data partners attempt to re-identify the data to associate itwith individual customers, all personal information remains anonymous.

Viewing Data may be used for (1) summary analytics and reports for Telly’s data partners, (2) audience measurement, and (3) providing recommendations and customized content as described in this Supplement.  

Activity Data

We also collect information about how you interact with our TV, such as your search queries, settings preferences, applications you open,purchases or other transactions you make, buttons you select, the time, frequency and duration of your activities, the physical presence of you and anyother individuals using the TV at any given time, and other usage data.  This feature is referred to as “ActivityData.” Activity data may be used to provide recommendations and customized content as described in this Supplement.

Recommendations and Customized Content

We may share your Viewing and Activity Data with third-party data partners and advertisers who use it to show you relevant ads and provide you with customized content.  These third-party data partners and advertisers are obligated to use this information only for the purpose of delivering advertising that are likely to be relevant to you.  We do not permit third-party data partners and advertisers to combine or associate Viewing or Activity Data with your personal information.  

We may also use your Viewing and ActivityData to improve the Services and understand how you interact with the Service.  We will only share this information in a manner that complies with applicable laws and regulations, and only with your consent.

Exercising Your Rights

You have the right to opt-out of sharing your Viewing and Activity Data, but unfortunately, that means you will no longer have access to the Services [and must return the television]. If you opt out and do not return the television to Telly, Telly will charge the credit card on file. To opt-out of any viewing and activity data collection, please send email:

Not for Resale

Telly is only available in the United States.  Unless otherwise agreed by Telly, you may not resell the Services.‌